Combining Different Types of Sleep Treatments

If you’re someone who struggles with severe sleep apnea and snoring, one of the best treatments might not be one at all, but rather, a combination of various sleeping disorder therapies.

At Marietta Sleep, some of our patients with aggressive sleeping disorders do well by combining traditional CPAP equipment with a professionally-fitted oral sleep appliance.

Where one piece of sleep equipment may not be adequate, using the two together provides relief and a sounder night of sleep.

How are They Combined?

Since CPAP machines use positive airway pressure through the nose, it physically forces oxygen through your nasal passages and into your upper airway, then your lungs. But sometimes there may be physical obstructions that still reduce air flow or partially block it off.

By incorporating a professionally fitted dental sleep appliance, you can safely reduce obstruction in your upper airway. Such specialized mouthpieces guide your mandible (lower jaw) out of the way, bringing soft tissue with it. In other words, your tonsils, soft palate, and tongue aren’t as much of a factor. And as a result, your CPAP can be more effective at pushing oxygen into your airway.

Who Should I See?

Marietta Sleep is your source for dental sleep medicine. We work closely with sleep specialists to provide comprehensive apnea and sleeping disorder treatments to a diverse range of patients. We can work directly with your existing provider or start your screening process right here in our office.

Without quality sleep, you’re putting your overall health at risk. Reduce your chances of cardiovascular disease by taking control over your sleep health. Call our Marietta dental sleep medicine team for more information.