Do I Qualify for an Oral Sleep Appliance?

Oral sleep appliances are an effective treatment option for people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring. But not everyone qualifies for a dental sleep aid.

Here are a few scenarios when an oral sleep alternative may be ideal:

If You’re CPAP Intolerant

CPAP machines are often bulky and difficult to travel with. Their invasive design can also interfere with your desired sleep position. If you’re already using a CPAP machine but it just isn’t working out, then you may be CPAP intolerant. If that’s the case, switching to an oral sleep appliance may be the fastest way to get relief.

If You’ve Already Had a Sleep Study

Are you already working with a physician? If you’ve been diagnosed with OSA and don’t want to wear a CPAP, ask your specialist about prescribing an oral sleep appliance. We can fulfill the prescription here in our office. You cannot get an oral sleep aid from a medical doctor.

If You Haven’t Had a Sleep Study

Marietta Sleep can assist you in arranging a home sleep study for a formal diagnosis of your sleep disordered breathing condition. We work directly with physicians to prevent having to send you to an overnight sleep lab.

Yes, We Can Work with Your Insurance

Curious to find out if an oral sleep appliance is included in your insurance benefits? Bring a copy of your medical and dental insurance cards when you visit our sleep dentistry team. We’ll coordinate with your insurer directly to help you access the coverage you qualify for.

For more information about sleep dentistry solutions, call Marietta Sleep to request a private consultation.