Marietta Sleep welcomes referrals from physicians in the Marietta area that have patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. If you have patients with sleep apnea that want to explore conservative or non-invasive options to improve their quality of sleep and health, we offer oral appliance therapy solutions at our clinic. Dr. Dipesh Patel and our dental associates offer advanced solutions in customized oral devices to reduce obstructions, improve breathing and maximize sleep quality.

Dr. Patel and our team have helped many patients find relief from their obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy options. We provide a comprehensive exam of every patient to determine the best treatment options to relieve their obstruction issues. Using 3D imaging, we can create a digital mold to design a patient’s oral appliance that will be comfortable and effective for treatment.

While we understand that CPAP therapy is needed for some patients with sleep apnea, many others can achieve improved health and sleep with oral devices. We work with referring physicians and their patients to find the best solution for the individual. If we do not believe an oral appliance will be effective for the patient, we will refer them to their physician to explore other options like CPAP.

Working Together for Healthier Patients

Our team at Marietta Sleep works with many medical practices throughout the greater Marietta and Atlanta area. We happily accept referrals for sleep apnea treatment and also refer our patients to our physician colleagues for medical treatment. We accept many forms of insurance for the convenience of all the patients referred to our practice, making it affordable for them to receive the sleep apnea treatment they require.

If you have questions about our sleep apnea treatment options or our practice, Dr. Dipesh Patel invites you to contact him directly. We look forward to working with you and your patients to ensure they get the best treatment to improve their health and wellness.