CPAP and oral appliance therapies are the most common types of obstructive sleep apnea treatments. CPAP therapy requires the use of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine that controls the air, offering effective treatment; but it can be invasive, loud and uncomfortable. Oral appliance therapy is more comfortable and easier to use, but some patients with sleep apnea may still have episodes of breathing problems using an oral appliance alone. Marietta Sleep offers combined sleep apnea treatment, utilizing both CPAP and oral appliance therapies for the best results for some patients.

Benefits of Combined Treatment

Oral appliance therapy is preferred by most patients due to the comfort and convenience of these devices. However, some severe forms of sleep apnea may require CPAP therapy to control breathing. Combining an oral appliance with CPAP therapy can have benefits for some patients that are not achieving results with either treatment alone. Wearing an oral appliance while using CPAP therapy can improve breathing and reduce snoring, allowing a lower setting on the CPAP machine. This can reduce noise for improved sleep. Patients can also use their oral appliance on its own when traveling for some control over their sleep apnea without bringing a CPAP machine on their trips.

Is Combined Therapy Right for You?

Do you avoid using your CPAP machine because it is too loud, but oral appliance therapy alone is not effective for controlling your sleep apnea? Combined therapy may be the right option for you. Using an oral appliance with your CPAP therapy can reduce the level needed on your machine, allowing for a quieter, more comfortable night of sleep. Many patients have higher compliance of using their CPAP machine when they combine it with an oral appliance, due to a better overall experience and quality of sleep.

If you have struggled to get relief from your sleep apnea with CPAP or an oral appliance alone, a combined treatment may be right for you. At Marietta Sleep, we can help find the right oral appliance therapy to use with your CPAP machine to get the results you desire. Contact us today.