You do not need to live with the health risks and debilitating symptoms of sleep apnea. Our medical team at Marietta Sleep offers solutions to treat most forms of obstructive sleep apnea. With the right treatment, you can restore quality sleep to feel more energetic and reduce the high health risks associated with sleep apnea.

The goal of any sleep apnea treatment is to reduce obstructions in the airway while breathing. Over-the-counter breathing strips may help for snoring, but they do little to remove obstructions in the throat area. Treatments for obstructive sleep apnea can include:

In addition to these options, oral appliance therapy is an effective and less invasive option for treating sleep apnea. We offer several types of oral appliance solutions at Marietta Sleep.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Unlike CPAP therapy or surgery, oral appliance therapy is non-intrusive and simple to implement. Oral appliances for treating sleep apnea look like a mouthguard but are specifically designed to change the position of the jaw for better sleep breathing. We use 3D imaging to create a digital mold of your teeth and jaw, which is sent to a dental lab to create your oral appliance. The comfortable device fits over your teeth and allows you to sleep naturally and unhindered while keeping your airway open.

For many people with sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy is an effective and non-intrusive solution for improving their sleep and health. If you are interested in learning more about the different oral appliance therapies we offer, contact our office to schedule a consultation.